Move Better
A simple name for a simple concept. Providing physiotherapy and massage to decrease pain and improve function throughout Ayrshire. We believe that pain should not be a mystery, and that by providing
A S Therapies
Alan Stewart MIRMT, MCHNC has been in practice since 1999 and specialises in a wide range of health treatments that are successful in alleviating back problems, stress, tension - and aiding
Western School
The Western School is an established and respected training organisation dedicated to providing accredited, quality education across the field of massage and related topics. Scottish Massage
Chanida Thai Massage & Spa
Fully qualified from Wat Pho traditional Thai massage school & fully insure Wat Pho, being the center of Thai medicine and massage for centuries, opened the Wat Pho Thai Traditional Medical and
Tranquillity Holistic Therapies
Erica became interested in Holistic Therapy whilst working for a Chiropractor, where she began receiving complimentary therapies herself, her favourite being Reflexology. After recovering from cancer
Zen Serenity Holistic Massage
At ZenSerenity we treat the whole person, identifying the causes and not just treating the symptoms of such ailments as muscle, back and neck pain, stress, depression and anxiety, promoting lasting
Annickdale Consulting Rooms
From the day we are born, we are subject to stresses and pressures that the human body and mind has not yet evolved to deal with effectively. Many illnesses and symptoms presented to doctors can have
Sports massage is not just for treating sports injuries in athletes. Almost everyone could benefit from specially developed sports massage techniques, as it is an excellent therapy for any muscular
Adore A Baby Massage
Baby Massage promotes a sense of well being and love that is beneficial for baby and parent. At Adore-A-Baby Massage we believe that Baby Massage should be fun too and our classes incorporate some
NK Physiotherapy & Sports Massage
We are a team of chartered physiotherapists who strive to provide a professional yet friendly service designed to help with your problem areas. We provide personalised assessments and treatment