Lisa Tate

I have been offering remedial bodywork and holistic therapies since 2004, with wide ranging clinical experience including palliative care treatments at North Devon Hospice. Having qualified as a solicitor and spent a number of years working as a lawyer, I decided this really wasn't the career for me. I had always been interested in plants and natural remedies, even as a child and wanted to be able to interact with people on a more personal level, so I retrained in complementary healthcare. For me, this was absolutely the right decision. The job I do now gives me enormous satisfaction. I love working closely with my clients, supporting them through times of pain and stress, or giving them some space in their busy lives. My passion is for bodywork, helping people with chronic pain and muscle tension, whether it be caused by physical trauma, poor posture or stress. Too many people live with constant pain and tension and I use a wide range of techniques to help clients towards becoming pain free.