ClaiReflex is a company which offers Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Swedish Massage in addition to other fantastic holistic therapies. We have a strong focus on health and well being and based
Beyond Medicine
Diagnosis of cancer can be shattering leaving the victim with the feeling that the end is near. It is like having a time bomb in the body not knowing when it will explode. But cancer does not always
Carol Atherton
I met Carol at the Manchester 10K 2015 and not only did she give me an absolutely fantastic massage - I saw her before and after the event, but she immediately put me at my ease and really helped with
Physiotherapists provide clinically proven and effective treatments for a wide range of problems affecting your physical ability. This may be as a result of an injury or may have simply developed
Active Warrington
We are Warringtons No.1 provider of Sports Massage/Massage Therapy Services. With over 5 years experience, full REPs Certification, and numerous local clients we provide a convenient and professional
The Little House Of Beauty
More and more visitors arrived at the little house and time after time they would leave with the same symptoms their smiles seemed wider, their stroll had an additional spring, they laughed more
Avena 'Mind & Body'
I am Martin Oates, a professionally qualified therapist with over twenty years' experience of running courses and offering holistic treatments. Learning how to 'Shamanic Journey' allows you direct
De-Stressed Massage
De-Stressed Massage was conceived in 2006. Set up by a self-confessed 'Stress-Head' (me!) who had learned the hard way how modern day stressors, the juggle of the work/life balancing act and the
Dacrelands Clinic
Dacrelands Clinic houses a range of therapies, providing broad based, holistic therapy within a single centre. Treatments include those addressing structural problems using osteopathy, massage,
Anne Guy Massage
Would you like to feel calm, energised, refreshed or balanced or simply have all those aches and tensions soothed away? Regular massage is proven to help your immune system, help your mood, help to