Active Massage

I am a qualified Deep Tissue Massage Therapist, trained in sports massage and also deep tissue massage therapies. I have always being intrested in how the physiology of the body and how therapy can help heal, relax and help the body become stronger and more efficient. I have studied sport and exercise science for 5 years now and will soon have my degree in sport and exercise science leading onto physiotherapy. I am passionate about my skills as a therapist and love that with my skills i will mak you a better performer and release the toxins and stresses that our daily lives have. You dont have to be an elite athlete to benefit from my great services anybody is welcome to come and feel the benefits of therapy.

Massage therapy came to me naturally and it bridges the gap between the science behind the hman body and physiotherapy. Massage allows you to get to know your body on a scale that you will have never experienced.