Anita Lim

I turned to complementary medicine after being diagnosed with tinnitus in 2000, after being told there was nothing more conventional medicine could offer. I found that the sessions I received not only benefited my tinnitus, but also helped bring about positive emotional changes, which was a welcome and surprising addition. Following this, it took me some years to decide to study to become a complementary therapy practitioner. I found acupuncture fascinating, but felt a need to investigate other therapies.

Further reading led me to shiatsu, which shares much in common with acupuncture, but hands, elbows or knees are used instead of needles. I am a graduate of the European Shiatsu School, and a member of the Shiatsu Society, the UK's leading professional shiatsu organisation. I passed my 1st dan black belt grading in aikido earlier this year and have recently started learning tai chi.