Body Matters E4

She is my mentor and coach at the Body Mechanics Physiotherapy clinic in Ware, Hertfordshire. Helping to reduce tension and pain and so relieving strain from both the muscles and joints. This also encourages the body to heal itself. I am nationally registered practitioner and accredited member with the British Complimentary Medicine Association. In 1990, I was involved in a RTA in Sheffield Town Centre. The car I was travelling in ended up being written off. I subsequently injured my neck and lower back.

I was given the necessary Physio at the local hospital, which helped temporarily. Being 23 years old I never really looked upon my injures as a long term problem. How wrong was I!. It took me approximately five years to realise I had permanent damage to my vertebrae. By this time I was living back in Essex and decided I needed to seek some kind of treatment as the pain and mobility was getting more apparent. I found a Chiropractor who seemed to understand the treatment I required.