Chichester Clinical Massage

After enjoying the benefits of massage myself, I started reading books about Holistic Healing and progressed to research the various massage techniques. I decided to do a course in Anatomy and Physiology, with a view to go on and study massage. As soon as I attended my practical massage training, I knew that I had found something that inspired me and that I wanted to pursue. I continued to train further in London and Brighton and became qualified in each technique.

After setting up ‘Body & Mind' as a mobile therapist, I started seeing a variety of people with a range of 'problem areas'. I realised that sadly, many people were living with pain. Problems such as: stress, back pain, migraine, fibromyalgia, arthritis, bulging discs, etc meant that for these people, massage wasn't just a luxury- but a necessity!

With this in mind, I began to explore how I could further assist my clients and what new techniques may be of benefit to them.