James Hatt & Associates

At James Hatt and Associates we pride ourselves on offering patients access to our highly experienced team of physiotherapists, massage practitioners and podiatrists who work together to achieve rapid, significant and long lasting treatment results. Having worked in the NHS for many years dealing with the financial budget constraints and long waiting lists, James wanted to offer a more comprehensive musculoskeletal service in the way he thinks it should be run.

He opened his first clinic in Couch Lane, Devizes in August 2003. The demand for his services grew rapidly and in 2005 he opened a second clinic in Marlborough before expanding to Tidworth in 2008 and Frome in 2009. Our Frome clinic, previously known as Frome Physiotherapy Clinic was run very successfully for over 16 years by Pat Larberg. We took over in December 2009 and gradually incorporated it into the James Hatt brand.