Luka Carlisle, Massage

Having been involved in the field of complementary health, healing, nutrition and personal development for over 25 years, Luka is a highly experienced therapist with a real love and deep passion for her work. Her personal therapeutic journey over the years has resulted in her developing her own unique style of massage based bodywork, which she calls 'Integrated Bodywork Therapy'. Her thriving private practice has been based in Totnes since 2006. Originally at The Totnes Natural Health Centre until she relocated her practice to The Arcturus Clinic in 2009, where she was a senior therapist. In 2015 she began practicing from The Rose Room at The Ola Centre.

Luka works intuitively from the heart, holding an impeccably safe, warmly empathic and deeply nourishing grounded space for every client. She is committed to delivering a high quality, non-judgemental and congruent service that meets her clients unique needs. Luka recognises the privilege that it is for her to work with each and every client.