No Hands Massage Practitioner

Founded in 2001 by Gerry Pyves, the NO HANDS Massage training company was a response to the epidemic of injury in the Massage profession. Gerry wanted to share the approach he developed over 12 years in his clinic as a result of injury to his own hands. Since then over 3,000 thousand qualified Massage practitioners have attended his TRANSFORMING TOUCH course. Gerry's work has enabled Massage practitioners to provide powerful and successful treatments to their clients whilst protecting their careers through his unique and proven 100% zero-strain approach.

Gerry's background as both a Massage therapist and a qualified Transactional Analysis Psychotherapist with decades of experience has resulted in a unique approach to both MIND and BODY in these treatments. This is the key to the success of NO HANDS treatments. Any Massage practitioner who thinks that the problems and pains that clients arrive with, are simply structural or energetic, needs to go back to the drawing board.