Pure Reflections Massage Therapy-Mini Massage

Touch is a newborn's first language. Baby Massage allows you to express emotional affection towards your baby and fulfils your baby's need for physical contact. During the course you will be taught various massage techniques covering the whole body which can help reduce common problems in early development and can enhance the general well being of carer and baby. During a session all your baby's bodily systems are stimulated, including the digestive and nervous system and immunity is boosted.

Massage can also have a positive effect on your baby's sleeping patterns. Baby massage is becoming recognised by professionals as beneficial to the well being of carers and babies aged from 6 weeks to when they begin to crawl. Aswell as the physical benefits, it is a great chance to meet other parents and spend time with your baby in a relaxed and positive atmosphere! Each course can accomodate up to five carers and babies.