Rest, Relax & Repair Massage

Hi, my name is Marion and I am a wife and mother of two beautiful girls. I moved to Bearsden after meeting and later marrying my husband in 1997. After leaving school and college I started working full time for a bank and furthered my career there for over nine years until my first daughter was born. I never returned to work choosing instead to become a full time mum, my second daughter followed a few years later. I did, however, take a part-time job once both girls started school.

Once the children were a little older, I decided to challenge myself again. I wanted to do something that would still give me the flexibility of being a busy mum but would also allow me to grow again as a person. I came up with massage!

It has always been something that I have been interested in doing, even as a school child I wanted to be a physiotherapist, but other opportunities came along and my career went in a different direction.