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My background in massage started back in 2001. Having experienced work related stress I decided to do something about it. I wanted to learn how to ease the symptoms and eliminate the issue. This led me to study for a diploma in anatomy and physiology at Bedford College. With this qualification I went on to study various massage techniques all of which helped people manage stress, Indian Head massage, Swedish massage, Reflexology and more.

I worked part time providing de-stressing massage but found with most clients there were more issues which needed dealing with, soft tissue injuries. Frustrated at not being able to help more, in 2006 I studied for a level 3 diploma in sports massage at Luton College.

In 2007 I took this a step further and studied with the brilliant Oxford School of Sports Massage for a level 4 diploma. My Tutor, Paul Turner was exceptional and started me on a path to a successful career as a sports massage therapist.