The Shiatsu Shed

Lizzie originally trained in Shiastu with the European Shiatsu School, completing the three year training in 1993, and has been practicing and learning ever since. Lizzie went on to train further with many Shiatsu teachers and schools, joining the register of the Shiatsu Society first as a practitioner and then later as a Shiatsu teacher. Lizzie spent some time as chair of the Shiatsu society, and was involved in working with the European Shiatsu Federation. Her experience in Shiatsu includes working with individuals with chronic physical and emotional conditions, those simply seeking relaxation, as well as pregnant women and people with substance misuse issues.

She has worked in diverse settings, from community outreach centres to complementary health centres, from home visits to private clinics. Lizzie first discovered Qi Kung during her initial Shiatsu training and has worked with many teachers over the years, including Chris Jarmey and Ged Sumner.