Zen Ten Spa
Do you need, de-stressing, instant pain relief or the perfect pamper?
You can have a five-star deluxe therapy treatment room housed in a state of the art vehicle draw up to your doorstep delivering a portfolio of top-class, personally- tailored holistic therapies for you, your guests or employees.

You avoid the need for inconvenient and stressful travel to a hotel spa and unlike a standard mobile therapist, this service does not invade your home demanding furniture removal and draining your hot water and electricity supplies. You relax in a self-contained, tranquil oasis, transported to your door, so you or your guests need only step over your threshold to enter Zen Ten's world of relaxation and rejuvenation. Call us out to:

• Your home
• For a dazzling pamper parties without the need for your guests to travel or any mess for you to clear up
• For your work- the Wellbeing@Work programme brings therapies and de-stressing workshops to offices and workplaces without disturbing other teams
• Zen Care treats the elderly & others in care.