Baby Massage St Albans

Dedicated baby massage classes at the Verulam Clinic, St Albans. Learn a series of massage strokes over a 5 week course to help you bond with your child and understand their needs.

Struggling with a lack of sleep and dealing with a crying baby can be upsetting. Stress affects the attachment growing between you and your child. Baby massage classes teach you how to help your child sleep, ease teething or deal with colic. Doing the massage routine with your baby will nurture the precious bond between you both. Baby massage will enable you to feel in control of your child's wellbeing, and encourage you and your baby to bond and feel ever closer.

Each week we focus on a different area of the body and learn the massage moves to help our babies develop. We address problems such as sleeping, colic and constipation. And we have lots of fun singing our favourite nursery rhymes and enjoying home-baked goodies!