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Hello, my name is Melanie and I'm a Massageaholic/ Massage Connessieur. I love having massage, learning about massage, giving massage, and all the wonderful things that go into it. The aromatherapy, nice sheets, relaxing atmosphere, and how you feel reborn after an amazing massage. I started receiving massage, acupuncture, and chiropratic work when I was 11 years old due to a car accident. The impact of the crash was on the passenger side which I was sitting on. We all walked away from the accident. But, in the next month my parents noticed that I kept coming to them complaining of pain in my hips and lower back. They took me to the Holistic Clinic and there I met Dr. Swallow. He was a Naturalpathic Doctor, Chiropractor, and Acupuncturist. It turned out that due to the impact of the crash, my right hip had tigtened up and made my right leg shorter by a half inch. Dr. Swallow would do acupuncture on me followed by a chiropractic adjustment and then I would go downstairs for a massage from Gail.

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Old Mill Lane

Mansfield, NG19 9BG
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