Remedial Massage Treatment

Muscular problems can cause all sorts of symptoms, pain and restriction to movement. These symptoms can often be relieved very quickly with deep soft tissue massage. Qualified to level 5 in Remedial Massage at the prestigious and highly regarded London School of Sports Massage in Regents Park, I have been practising for several years and regularly treat problems ranging from hip pain, restricted shoulders, severe headaches and stiff necks to shoulder tension and recurrent back pain. If you regularly suffer from debilitating pain which your GP has been unable to help you with, I would recommend that you give massage a try.

I offer hot stones therapy and use them routinely alongside other deep soft tissue therapies because I believe that the heat from the stones is hugely therapeutic and facilitates even more effective muscle release. Deep soft tissue work can be done with hot stones and is much less uncomfortable, more effective and with less residual muscle soreness.