Baby Massage & Baby Yoga Classes
Baby Massage (Chester, Cheshire) is wonderful for soothing colic and wind, helping babies to sleep, building their digestive, circulatory and encourage bonding and interaction. Maybe you have older
Ruenmai Thai Massage
Thai Massage is a technique that has been used for over 2500 years; it relaxes the body while quietening the mind. Through the Thai Massage you will find physical problems like back pain, shoulders
Harris & Ross
Harris & Ross is one of the country's leading physiotherapy clinics, bringing the standards of elite, professional care to everyone. We employ the very best in diagnostics, rehabilitation and
Health & Wellbeing Massage Therapy
I will assess each client and tailor a program to their own individual needs. I take time with each client to understand their problems, their pain and look at the whole picture not just the symptoms.
A & E Holistic Therapies
Tired, Stressed, Feeling under the weather? Can't quite put your finger on what's wrong? There is a solution. The essence of holistic therapies is to trigger a return to homeostasis (a state of
Long distance running takes a heavy toll on the legs, hips and calves, but after a rehab session with Paul from Myokinetics, my legs feel like they have springs inside them! Myokinetics provides
Chester Sports & Physical Therapy
Before setting up my own private practice, I had the great pleasure of working with Mr Paul Atherton, an Osteopath, at his very successful practice at 51, Parkgate Road, Chester. I worked very closely
Silver Lining Therapies
I first became attracted to complementary therapies in 2006 when I contracted a mystery virus; I lost my sense of balance, suffered severe headaches and was generally very weak. The doctors didn't
ThaiNamoon Massage & Beauty
Thainamoon offers you an escape to a place of peace and harmony, where you can relax and unwind as you enjoy a thai massage or one of our range of authentic massage and beauty treatments performed by