8th Element
We naturally need oxygen to survive, but its also vital to our sports performance and general health, which is why 8th Element offers a range of massage and health check services that focus on
Serenity Holistic Treatments
Everybody experiences stress of some kind, and if left to build up it can manifest as physical illness, disease or trauma. The body is our own personal feedback device and it will let us know loud and
Miruss Massage Therapy
I'm Michael, a Fully Insured, Qualified, Massage Therapist, who will take care to ensure you feel relaxed, rejuvenated & refreshed in both body & mind. I'm available to "book" every day by appointment
I am a fully qualified mobile massage and beauty therapist based in Kent. I have been qualified in massage since 1999 and I regularly update my skills by completing new and exciting training courses.
Harmonia & Massage Your Baby
Harmonia Therapy offer a range of treatments, each session is tailored to suit the individual client. As each person has different requirements no two treatments are ever the same. You can tailor any
Gemini Beauty
Gemini Beauty is a modern, friendly and relaxing home based beauty salon. We provide clients from across Kent with a wide variety of luxurious beauty and complementary therapies. Our therapists are
Mulberry Beauty Room
As a fully-qualified beauty therapist with over 12 years' experience both in the UK and around the globe, I can offer a wide range of highly professional treatments. I worked for 6 months in the One &
Sports Massage Gravesend
Rick is a premier qualified master personal trainer in corrective exercise and runs a full time practice in Gravesend. He has treated sports persons from many different backgrounds and has close
Veronica Mowatt Sports Massage
When you attend your first treatment there will be a consultation and then massage. During the consultation you will be asked your current and relevant medical history, your muscle and body alignment
ER Sports Therapy
I am a member of The Sports Massage Association, The Sports Therapy Organisation, and the Society of Sports Therapists. I am passionate about what I do and I practice all aspects of Sports Therapy,