Andrea Lecky, Osteopath
We offer a comprehensive range of natural therapies, which includes many types of relaxation therapies as well as clinical treatments for your well being. At the natural therapies clinic we offer a
Jo Mead
Nutritional therapy combines nutritional science with an individually centered regime to promote optimum health and combat a variety of health problems. Nutritional therapy recognises each person as
Serene Ayurveda
The central principle of Ayurveda is that every person has a unique constitution and to stay healthy, this constitution must be kept in balance. Ayurveda is prevention-oriented, is free from harmful
Roong Thai Massage
Sisadee offers a range of quality, authentic Thai Massage treatments for both women and men. Across Asia nearly everyone regularly visits a Thai massage spa as part of their routine healthy living.
Weybridge Massage
Sue MacHorton, a professional and highly qualified masseuse, located in Weybridge, Surrey offers a variety of massage treatments in a peaceful, warm and friendly environment. Aches and pains, tension

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