Wendy Hope Massage
A deeper treatment that loosens up tight muscles, breaks up adhesions in muscle fibres, and generally focuses on restoring and/or maintaining the full functionality of your muscles and joints. Its aim
Well With Mel
Would you like to feel well? Fitter, healthier and more in control of how you look - outside and inside? I'm Melissa Harvey Kay - I'm a trained personal fitness coach; an accredited sports and
Paterson Nic
I have been working with complementary therapies for many years and know, from personal experience, that they offer a viable and effective solution to many health problems. Although they work well as
Ellen Addison Massage
Due to strenuous activity, bad posture or stress, over time our muscles can get tight and with that comes pain and discomfort. If left untreated, biomechanical misalignment can result causing much
Massage Therapy:Inverness/Fortrose
I am trained in a number of massage techniques; principally therapeutic massage and remedial massage. I often combine a number of techniques within one treatment depending on the client's individual
Lily Hypnotherapy
This website can serve you in few ways. First you can learn about the fascinating world of Hypnotherapy and what conditions can be treated. Also you will find information about the areas of my
Delicate Touch Inverness Therapy
We usually assume that having a massage is a luxury. It may be truth in some cases but many people are discovering that massage can help mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. There is no better