Massage Therapy Leamington Spa
A deep form of soft-tissue massage, it incorporates a range of specific techniques to assess and treat muscle imbalances, potential over-use areas or soft-tissue injuries. This is a form of
Leamington Massage Therapy
This time next week, we will all be in a field in Warwickshire, surrounded by West African beats! Mandy Elliott aka Leamington Massage Therapy will be one of the Massage Therapists onsite for the
Thai Studio Leamington Spa
Thai yoga massage is carried out on a comfortable floor mat and you stay fully clothed throughout. Traditional Thai Massage is a combination of rhythmic massage, acupressure, reflexology and yogic
Spa Remedial
Although if you are looking for a reputable sports massage practitioner I would recommend looking on the CNHC register here to search for someone in your area. Best wishes,
Jojo Therapy
A well established massage / body therapist working in the heart of Leamington Spa, consider yourself in safe hands. People usually come to me through word of mouth. As part of a network of excellent
Claire's Holistic Remedies
The pressures of modern life can be high and the effects of computer work, driving, meeting deadlines, mixing work and running a family home etc etc can take its toll on the body, mind and soul, and
The Sanctuary Room
Book a relaxing massage or facial today at The Sanctuary Room in Leamington Spa; perfect for stress relief and tired, achy muscles. Indulge yourself and book a back, neck, shoulders, full body massage
Park Street Chiropractic Clinic
We hope you find all the information you are looking for. At Park Street Chiropractic Clinic you can be assured of the best quality chiropractic and massage therapy available in a friendly, family-run
Joanna Munro, Clinical & Sports Massage
Are you living with pain? I offer specialist treatment of soft tissue manipulation for people suffering with chronic pain, postural imbalances, painful scars, sports and lifestyle injuries. Using a