Massages That Make A Difference
Being able to offer a varied selection of therapies, I can give the right treatment, at the right time, holistically and naturally. The results of massage and reflexology are extremely effective and
Nicola Stevens Massage
Clinical massage is a specific and effective massage that treats chronic pain conditions stress related pain or acute injuries in a safe nurturing way. With clinical massage my aim is to reduce your
Inner Bliss
Inner Bliss was created in 2010. Its name is based on my aim to help you find that inner peace and sanctum. A place of relaxation and calm that is inside each of us, a place that can all too easily be
Physique Bodyworks : Phil Barratt
After a lengthy career in IT & Telecommunications I happened to chance upon The Academy of Natural Health, a Holistic Massage Training School based in North London. This started me on my journey to
North Hampshire Sports Massage
What is Sports Massage? Sports massage is generally using a firmer technique than a therapeutic massage, it is the management, manipulation and rehabilitation of soft tissues of the body which
Charlotte McDonald Sports Massage Clinic
Sports massage can help relieve aches and pains for everyone: whether you’re an elite athlete, full-time parent, keen gardener, driver or even a stressed-out, desk-bound office worker, the treatment