Yoga & Massage
I was first introduced to bodywork, complementary therapies and yoga around 24 years ago and since then have made them a part of my every day being. Through this period I have undertaken yoga teacher
Wolfgang Mittelmaier Massage
As a rule of thumb, you can assume that "half of the body" can be treated in half-an-hour. Choose a 30 minute treatment for straightforward issues of either upper or lower body. Go for a full-hour
Feelgood Centre
Feelgood Centre is a name easily recognized and held in great esteem in the highly competitive world of Health and Wellbeing. We have grown through sheer dedication to quality treatments, reliability
Ec1 Massage
Massage is the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body with the hands to promote general well being providing pain and stress relief. I offer a range of massage techniques to help rebalance your
Go With The Flow
My name is Jen Snabel and I am a yoga teacher and massage therapist in London. I offer group and private yoga classes all over London, including Angel and South Wimbledon. My teaching is inspired by
London Osteopathy & Pilates
We're a renowned Central London Osteopathy and Pilates center, and we offer various services which can help you rejuvenate your body. We have available osteopaths on call for your required treatments
Pho Thai
At Pho Thai - Traditional Thai Therapy we think we have raised the bar. From the moment you step off the street and into our large reception surrounded by Traditional Thai art and artifacts you will
Sports Massage Zone
Sports Massage clinic is based in the City of London close to Liverpool Street, Bank, Moorgate and Barbican Tube stops. After 10 years in the City, we understand the impact of a desk job in a sports
Pure Hands
Since opening his City practice in 2004, Henry Johnson has treated thousands of clients. Through his system of advanced massage and bodywork he frees pain and restores balance in the body by releasing

City of London