Oriental Massage Salisbury
Oriental Massage offers a full range of Chinese, Thai, and full body massages. Our team of asian masseuses are changed every two weeks and are fully trained in Thai and Chinese massage styles. We
The James Grigg Centres
The James Grigg Centres are practices specialising in injury treatment, sports massage, post-op rehabilitation and running analysis. Whether you are suffering with musculoskeletal pain or injury,
Laura Hume Sport & Remedial Massage
I have found remedial deep tissue massage a valuable supplement to the chiropractic appointments I have to treat sacroiliac joint dysfunction and fibromyalgia. It prepares my muscles, making my body
Val Anderson Craniosacral Therapy
Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a unique, gentle, holistic, hands-on healing art and science which through deep listening helps your body, mind and spirit to reconnect to its inherent health. It is
Elements Therapy
We are a team of experienced practitioners dedicated to keeping our clients pain-free, moving more efficiently and functioning more effectively. Whether you are suffering from an injury, wanting to
Salisbury Sports & Remedial Massage
Sports Therapists offer hands-on deep tissue massage, soft tissue manipulation and joint mobilisation to ease pain caused through everyday activities such as; work, sports, gardening, looking after
R Hughes Massage
R Hughes Massage was established in 2014 to provide massage therapy services in Salisbury and the surrounding areas. Sports and remedial massage is a type of massage which involves applying a range of
Curly Haired Jewels
I am truely looking forward to presenting this to the Burns unit and the positive effect it will have on its patients. My name is Julie Boettcher and I am a fully qualified and insured therapist. It
Heavenly Sanctuary
My 30 years experience in my Clinical field - Evaluation is an ongoing learning curb- continual knowledge enhancing existing qualities with high standards, on a one to one basis taking good history
At Bodyfixit we are passionate about helping you to live a pain-free life because we know how great it feels using massage and pilates. We understand the frustration of being injured and it affecting