Oriental Massage Salisbury
Oriental Massage offers a full range of Chinese, Thai, and full body massages. Our team of asian masseuses are changed every two weeks and are fully trained in Thai and Chinese massage styles. We
Tharawadee Thai Massage & Spa
We are proud to introduce you to the world of "authentic" Thai Massage. Authentic Thai massage is a traditional Thai massage which is officially recognized as a medical discipline and its
Kube Medical
Our Swindon based Chiropractors, Massage and Sports Therapists all hold degrees in their disciplines. Kube Medical is the only clinic in Swindon to guarantee a hands on collaborative treatment
The Therapy Room
Popular around the world, massage incorporates the use of touch to stimulate circulation and relax muscles. Massage therapy is an ancient healing touch that provides comfort through applying pressure
Blissful Therapies
Blissful Therapies offers Reflexology, Maternity Reflexology, Vertical Reflexology (VRT) and Endocrine (Hormonal) and Sub-Fertility VRT, Hot Stones Reflexology, Baby Reflexology, Thai Foot Massage and
Sports Massage Swindon
Sports Massage Swindon, a practice run by Richard Voyce, offers professional sport and remedial massage therapy in Swindon. Do you have an aching back, muscle injury or are you suffering from stress?
Established in 1991 our practice has grown to include experts across the field of complementary healthcare. With over 150 years of shared practice experience our practitioners have a wealth of helpful
Royall Holistics
Hot Stone massage combines 'classic' massage and Hot Stone Therapy. Heated volcanic basalt stone is used to provide deep relaxation, balance and healing, with an effect worth three 'classic' massages.
The James Grigg Centres
The James Grigg Centres are practices specialising in injury treatment, sports massage, post-op rehabilitation and running analysis. Whether you are suffering with musculoskeletal pain or injury,
Tranquillity Zone Training
Training is available at all levels, for those wishing to practice professionally, for qualified therapists looking to extend their skills and for beginners who just want to learn more about holistic
Wessex Massage
Almost anyone of any age can benefit from Sport and Remedial massage, whether or not you engage in sport and exercise. Most of us have imbalances in our bodies as a result of occupational stresses,
Laura Hume Sport & Remedial Massage
I have found remedial deep tissue massage a valuable supplement to the chiropractic appointments I have to treat sacroiliac joint dysfunction and fibromyalgia. It prepares my muscles, making my body
Val Anderson Craniosacral Therapy
Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a unique, gentle, holistic, hands-on healing art and science which through deep listening helps your body, mind and spirit to reconnect to its inherent health. It is
Indigo Holistic Therapies
Indigo Holistic Therapies is a Swindon based business offering the opportunity for you to be pampered in your own home with the following treatments: Indian Head Massage, Reflexology and Reiki. I
Elements Therapy
We are a team of experienced practitioners dedicated to keeping our clients pain-free, moving more efficiently and functioning more effectively. Whether you are suffering from an injury, wanting to
Holistic Home Spa Therapies
My name is Yvonne and I have been a holistic therapist for over a decade. I have worked extensively in five star spas and have been lucky enough to travel around the world working alongside therapists
Optimum Sports Massage
Sports and Remedial Massage is the manipulation of soft tissue in injury prevention and rehabilitation. It maintains and restores normal function to the body to keep the athlete at optimum fitness.
Cara Sports & Remedial Massage
The ancient Chinese, Greeks, and Romans have all practised a form of massage and even with their limited knowledge of anatomy and circulation they realised the benefits. A muscle which has become
Salisbury Sports & Remedial Massage
Sports Therapists offer hands-on deep tissue massage, soft tissue manipulation and joint mobilisation to ease pain caused through everyday activities such as; work, sports, gardening, looking after
Magic Fingers
We'd like to give you a warm welcome to Magic Fingers Therapies. We are pleased to offer a variety of treatments including Sports and Remedial Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Low Back Care and Pain