GLSport - Sports Massage
I've always enjoyed exercise and raised three sons to enjoy it too. As a result I have experienced many injuries caused by BMX biking, football, surfing, karate, climbing and MMA!. I myself enjoy
D.P. Sports Massage Therapy
Sports massage is not limited to athletes it is appropriate and successful for anyone with a non sporting injury in need of lower back pain treatment for example and can counteract muscular problems
Up & Running
We are sports injury specialists providing expert treatment and sports specific rehabilitation. Whatever your injury, we aim to provide a complete service that will help you regain fitness and return
360 Sports & Beauty Therapy
Our team can straighten out backs, help you to make that gardener's knee behave and help fight off those niggling aches and pains that come hand in hand with a busy life. Step inside, relax and let us
Whether you work in an office, trade or factory environment or a seasoned athlete or new to a sporting activity and aiming towards a new personal goal, you can benefit from sports massage. My personal
Favor Health & Beauty
Favor is a fully qualified and registered beauty and nutritional therapist (Naturopathic Medicine and Nutrition, AHCP). She has over thirty years experience helping clients to achieve good health and
Yanhuang Healthcare
The disharmony exists in the bodies energy system and in turn results in ill health and its corresponding symptoms. Each person is different with a unique set of circumstances contributing to their
On The Bench
Whether you are looking to relieve stress-related tension, postural aches, pains and headaches, dealing with a sports injury or hoping to prevent one, or you simply wish to relax, On The Bench's range
Massage Therapy
I have a degree in Sports Science (BSc) from The University of Birmingham. After completing my degree I decided to use this background knowledge to pursue running a business as a massage therapist.
Chichester Clinical Massage
Chichester Clinical Massage offers specialist treatment of soft tissue manipulation for people suffering with chronic pain or sports injuries. Using a range of advanced bodywork techniques such as